Thursday, March 24, 2011

Self Portrait

Before this assignment, the only self portrait that I have ever painted was this zombie one.

These were some of the concepts I presented to my class for the new one.

This was a test run painting.


This was mock up of what my final painting would be with grid lines.

Now we have the final piece as I was working on it.
My teacher wanted me to paint a more exaggerated version of myself.
 Once I have a good scan of the final painting I will put it up here.

Acrylic Painting vs Patience

I took another acrylic painting class this quarter.  This is some of the stuff I did for practice. Copying my favorites: James Gurney of Dinotopia and Gregory Manchess of general awsomeness. 

This was a still life from class. Note the Captain Jack Sparrow action figure

This was for another student who was putting together a geo-cashing game for Yosemite Park.

This is the game's mascot. 

First Magazine Freelance!

Literally free.  I did not get paid but was told that it is important to "have stuff published" by the head of our illustration department.  I was also told that it would be "a great piece for my portfolio."

Anyway, the article was for Lake Oconee Living, a little local magazine. It was about all of the grass drying up on local golf courses. Working with the art director, we came up with the concept of a man traveling through a desert golf course with his camel serving not only as his golf cart but also as his caddie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Air Force Cyborg Man

This was yet another assignment for my digital painting class. A character from a video game that a friend and I are concepting.

Pirates vs Dinosaurs

So my friend Abel and I wrote a script two years ago called 'Pirates vs Dinosaurs.' Against all odds it won first place in The Southwest Writers Guild script category in 2009. Here is some concept art depicting locations and scenes from the movie. I illustrated these three images as a final project for my digital painting class.

Pirates vs Dinosaurs: The Opening Scene from Michael Schwalm on Vimeo.

H.P. Lovecraft at Home

This was a perspective project for my digital painting class. Read a lot of H.P. Lovecraft this quarter and was inspired by the scary Victorianness.

Tradigital Designistration

Hey, y'all. I had a digital painting class this quarter with this awesome guy named Saye that I met when I was doing concept art at Trick 3D studios. Here are some homework assignments for his class. Some are quick copies of other digital artists and a couple of them are actually illustrations that I did for other students' projects

Thanks for looking. See you next time.