The Weather Machine

My third quarter I had the opportunity to work with two designers on a live project for the Weather Channel. The challenge was to design a video game app for the i-Pad that in some way connected to the weather. Our idea revolved around two steampunk scientists who invent a weather controlling machine. One goes rogue and steals the machine to set out and terrorize the world. The gameplay follows the other scientist as he tracks her down while battling adverse weather conditions as well as her robotic minions. Below is a more in depth backstory that we presented to the Weather Channel.

We ended up winning the competition as well as some scholarship money.  Now that we are all about to graduate we went back to it to spruce it up and flesh it out for our portfolios.  Below are screenshots of our uber revamped version. The designers are still gonna get in there fix up the type, etc. but we're getting close.


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