Aim for their heads!

My fourth quarter here at the Portfolio Center, I designed special edition packaging for the Louisville Slugger. The story behind the package is a world where baseball never existed because people spend all of their free time fending off zombies.  In this world, the bats are one of the primary zombie fighting tools in the absence of firearms.  With copywriter Tyler Pierce, we came up with a zombie related backstory that mirrors the actual origin of the Louisville Slugger. The package mimics the wall mounted cases that house fire extinguishers. "In case of zombies, break glass."

The origin story was featured on the back of the package but for my final portfolio, I wanted to illustrate the story, comic book style. Below are both my toned comp and the finished version.


  1. This makes me think of a promo item for when Louisville Slugger sponsors AMC's Walking Dead.


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