How Mike Fell in Love with Hailey

I recently got engaged to the girl of my dreams. I asked her by illustrating a little book of our love story which I am posting below. I had it printed on Blurb gave it to her after a romantic day at the beach. I hope you enjoy.

Her response was, "Of course, YES!"


  1. Mike, I teared up reading this!! "Beautiful" is truly an understatement! The details in both the illustrations and your words are incredible! Hailey sounds PERFECT for you! You are both so, so blessed to have each other! I am so thrilled to see you this happy, Mike! I hope to meet Hailey someday. I miss our goofy times together at Disney and hold them so dear to my heart.
    I pray for a long, wonderful, magical life together for you two!
    Thank you so much for sharing this book! You're incredibly talented!!

  2. This is so amazing! So happy for you and yyyaaayyy she loves Jesus!!!

  3. This post gave me so much hope. I'm fed up with dating, too. There always seems to be a flaw with every guy I date that eventually erupts into a breakup (initiated by them) that is pointless to go back and try to fix.
    This post reminded me that there are people who exist who can trust each other and who can be on the same page when it comes to faith and intentions (two things that always seem to be lacking or questionable in my relationships).
    Wishing all the best for you and your fiancé. God bless!

  4. This is really beautiful, bro. It gives a glimmer of hope for love and happiness in a cynical world. Hopes and prayers for the best for you and Hailey!


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