The Beginning

My first memory is of the Peter Pan ride in Disneyland. I remember leaning out over the side of the pirate galleon and spreading my arms wide and really believing that I was flying.  As I got older and learned more about the world, I realized that there were people who had the privilege of creating these experiences for others.  In the case of Disney, this elite group is known as the Imagineers. I knew immediately that I wanted to be one.

I spent my youth drawing maps of theme park rides and planning out entire theme parks. I built models of them out of Legos or construction paper. I also loved story boarding out entire attractions as well as copying artwork done by the Imagineers.

A copy of a painting of the Indiana Jones Adventure

My plan for a Mummy attraction long before one opened at Universal Studios

 In college I studied set and lighting design for theater at the University of New Mexico.

Installing a door handle I designed and welded together

I also had the opportunity to participate in the Walt Disney World college program for a few months where I met some Imagineers while I worked at the Rock n Roller Coaster. It was a great experience.

Dance party with Buzz

Once I had graduated from college, I did architectural illustrations and drafting for a small firm in New Mexico. I was only there for a few months before I quit, sold my stuff and spent a year traveling around the world.  I spent the entire time drawing everything I possibly could and did a little free lance illustration along the way to help support myself.

Sketching the Temple of Karnak in Egypt

I eventually realized that if I was ever going to be an Imagineer, I had to get serious. I came back to the U.S. and am now studying illustration and design at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. I still have theme parks design in mind as my goal.

A theme park teaser poster for a class at the Portfolio Center.

Basically, I love the act of creating whether it is drawing, painting, sculpting, welding, model making, name it. Nothing gets me more excited than the creative process and the ability to tell a story in three dimensional space.

A playset I designed and built  pertaining to the above poster
  I plan to use this blog to share my creative process of projects past, present, and future as well as all of my adventures that I have had on my road to a career in the themed entertainment industry.



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