More Time Traveling.

Some of you may remember my big steampunk time travel theme park restaurant that I designed and built a model for a few quarters back.  If not, here is the link. Well, I had a lot of the knicknacks and doodads left over from that, so come Halloween time I decided to make a steampunk time traveler costume based on these guys above. The guy on the left is an inventor I created for a friend's video game  concept. The guy on the right is the Time Traveller from my theme park restaurant.

I put most of it together a few hours before a party the weekend before Halloween. I spent most of that party trying to keep everything from falling apart. So before the next weekends bout of parties I made a lot of modifications and added a lot of doodads. The hat is made from wire and masking tape that I covered in black spraypaint and Rub n' Buff. Rub 'n Buff is this awesome waxy stuff that comes in these little tubes and can make any surface look metallic when it is rubbed on then buffed. 

This is a super soaker purchased from Goodwill 
for 99 cents, spray painted black, 
covered in Rub n, Buff and doodads.

Masking tape holster, plastic squirt guns, Rub n. Buff, doodads

My portable time travel device: a toy jack hammer, 

The finished product

Me and my steampunk accomplice. It's all about the goggles. 



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