Zombie Kid

Another one of my classes last quarter was taught by Brian Stelfreeze.  He is a total legend in the comic book industry. Seriously. Google him. I dare you. After a whole quarter in his class, I still get star struck around him. I can also say confidently that he is the best teacher that I have had so far at the Portfolio Center.  Below are two of his pieces.

His class was called Propaganda Illustration and our deliverable for the end of the quarter was an illustrated propaganda poster. First we had to come up with cool concepts for our posters. I had a really hard time. Brian helped me by having me just go through a list of things that "piss you off" as he so eloquently put it.  One of the top things on my list was parents who allow video games to raise their children.  I have nothing against video games myself. I love playing them but I am encountering more and more kids who don't know much else or don't know how to play in any other way. One reason I think my brothers and my sister are such good parents is because they are so active with their kids. Anyway, my poster became a call to action for more active parenting.

I did a lot of thumbnails and finally chose an image of a skeletal kid on the floor with a game controller in his hands as his mother discovers the awful truth.

Brian first helped us break everything down to a black, white and grey composition in order to control the viewers focus.  He explained that the best illustrations can be broken down to simple black and white compositions.  A few of my test runs are below. For some reason there are two kids in these ones.

Once we had this figured out, we moved on to color theory. The whole class was floored by how simple Brian made it seem. I feel like I am finally starting to get a grasp on it despite my color blindness. Below are some test runs.

 After settling on this last color scheme, Brian started helping us with our final execution. He helped me out a lot with my crazy perspective. Here is the drawing.

I didn't get my drawing right and scan it until our studio week, so as I colored it I emailed my progress to Brian who called me to discuss things. I tried to not get star struck on the phone. Below is my finished piece.

I am so happy with the finished product that I almost feel like I am a real illustrator. The best part is that I had so much fun doing it and my panel gave me a lot of good feedback. I can't wait to take Brian's class next quarter. 



  1. Insane how good this is. I'm so impressed. I love everything about it.

  2. I raise a glass to drinking moms with ugly shoes.


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