Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Castles!

For the final project from my packaging class last quarter we had to design seasonal beer packaging. It  was definitely the most rushed.  I am a firm believer that the best ideas materialize in an exhausted mind at 4:00 in the morning. This was no exception.  My idea became "Can Castles." It would be a summer promotional idea to be targeted towards beach goers.

Each can in the twelve pack looks as if it is a portion of a column of a sand castle. Once the can is empty it can be arranged and stacked in a variety of interesting ways with the other cans to create elaborate castles.  It is as if each can is a different building block. The more beer you drink, the bigger the castle could become.  The box that the cans come in is filled with punch out templates to flesh out the castle with towers, bridges and crenelations.

The whole campaign would include an online component where you could submit your castle designs to be featured in ads and on boxes. Pabst would also host can castle building competitions at premiere beach destinations all over the US.

The cans were a pain in the rear to make look good. All of my friends who encountered me in the process of making them did not believe I could pull it off. At the last minute it all came together and the glue was still drying on them as they were presented at my final critique. They spent this last quarter on display in the glass case in the front of the school.


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